Events open for everyone

Opening Ceremony

Are you ready to be part of ISWI 2021? You will be presented the programme of the events and how the tools and platforms are going to work. Read more

Panel Discussions

During our panel discussions we give you the opportunity to get different perspectives on recent topics in the sphere of climate change, environmental conservation and sustainability. Just join in and make up your mind. Read more


For our keynote lectures we reached out to get experts from all around the world for you to present on current topics connected to climate change, environmental conservation and sustainability. Just have a look and see what we can learn from them. Read more


Welcome Party and Games

Online welcome party? You don’t know how this should work? Then be there and be surprised. Let’s all celebrate together and start the ISWI-WEEK with a lot of joy (… and maybe beer 😁) Read more


As substitute for our traditional sports event we created a small sports and dance blog for you to get active in front of your screen. Just join the live sessions directly or watch them, when we put them online on demand in our blog. Read more

Open Space

An “Open Space” provides a platform for a gathering of people to participate in smaller sessions based on topics set by and hosted by participants themselves. Read more

Movie Time

Watching movies together while being far away is still possible. During the event, we will show you a surprise documentary movie, so stay tuned for this. But to already give you some hints: It will dive deep into the topic of waste reduction. Read more

Group Presentation

It’s time to show us your results of the group works! The presentations will take place in workadventure where every group has its own booth. Feel free to wonder around and talk with people from other groups about their week. Read more

World Food Festival Blog

If you enjoy cooking and want to learn about food from different cultures, this is the right place for you! In this blog you can find new recipe ideas from all over the world and get to know other cultures. Read more

Thuringian Experience

Take a look at the story of Thuringia, be amazed by Ilmenau’s dancing goats and get to know more about the Ilmenau University of Technology. Prepared for our quiz on Friday at 3:30pm! Read more (Logo provided by

Closing Ceremony

This is the last time all participants, groupleaders and people organizing ISWI will come together and celebrate the end of a week full of new ideas and insights. Read more

Events for registered participants

Working Groups

We offer working groups, each dealing with a certain aspect of the main topic. Within the group sessions, participants will have the possibility to share their experiences and views, discuss in detail and work towards solutions for current problems. Read more

Events for participants of Dialogue Programme

Dialogue Programme

The Dialogue Programme at the International Student Week in Ilmenau (ISWI) 2021 seeks to enable an open and respectful dialogueaimed at learning from one another. The organisers hope to enhance mutual understanding and develop respect for varied perspectives between the participants on contentious topics and issues. Read me