Live Sport Sessions

Hey sports lovers!

We’ve been sitting in front of our computers for most of the past year. While this can lead to great things, like connecting to other people from all around the world during an online student conference, it can also lead to fatigue and tension in your muscles.

In order to prevent this and enjoy the ISWI week strong, energized and balanced, we prepared a number of Live-Sport-Sessions Dance Classes, Workouts, and exercises for you! You will be instructed by Katja, Rafa, Kiana, Melli and Matthew 🙂

You can start tracking your activities right now with the Sports-Bingo! The goal is to finish as many tasks as possible within the ISWI 2021 week. It would be cool to see your progress, so feel free to share your sport activities on social media #ISWI2021sportsevent (don’t forget to tag us!) and send us a video to with the subject “Sports Event”.

Download the Sports Bingo here: SportsBingo

We recommend printing our Sports Bingo on recycled paper, so you can mark what you already did.

The videos of Rafa, Kiana and Melli will be published on our YouTube Channel and on this blog. Katjas Live-Sport-Sessions will take place on WebEx.