Group Presentation

During the Group Presentation, you will get a chance to look at the results of each working group and talk with the group members about the topic. To give the event a really interactive feeling, we will use the tool WorkAdventure. WorkAdventure is a virtual meeting platform with a virtual map, where you can walk around with a character and talk with other people. You can find more information about the tool in our WorkAdventure Tutorial. For the Group Presentation we created a virtual event venue in WorkAdventure. Each group has their own booth distributed on two WorkAdventure maps. Look at the two maps below to find out where you can find which group. You can walk with your character around these maps. If you enter the area of a booth, a Jitsi Meeting will open where you can talk with the group’s representatives. Jitsi is a normal Meeting Platform, like Zoom or Webex.

How to join via Computer/Laptop?

Please use the button below to enter the first group presentation map in Workadventure. You have to enter a name (max 8 symbols) and choose a character that will be associated with you. After that, workadventure will ask you to give permission to activate your camera and microphone. You will need them to interact with other participants, so you should give the permissions. Now you can start to visit all the working groups.

Please keep the technical requirements and recommendations of Workadventure in mind, which you can find in our general tutorial ( Should you face technical difficulties during the event, we will be available for you:

How to join via Phone/Tablet

If you want to join via a touch device without a keyboard, we wouldn’t recommend joining the event via WorkAdventure but via the direct Jitsi Links. With them, you can directly enter the Jitsi Meetings, where the groups present their results of the week. You can find all those direct links on the day of the event here.

You can also join the meetings directly. Just click on the Button with your group name.