The conference

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the conference will be held online. This decision was taken based on our support of the current regulations and our need to ensure the safety of our participants. 

We are taking the advantages of this format to integrate new platforms, tools and ways to connect to each other. Most of our events will be open for everyone, so feel free to share it between your friends and family. There will be opportunities to be creative and interactive.

We are looking forward to see you there!

As an addition to Discord, Webex and Youtube, we will use the platform WorkAdventure. There we created for you a virtual ISWI world with different maps, that you can explore with your avatar. There you will be able to explore our virtual venue, to watch live streams, meet other participants and much more. As WorkAdventure has certain system requirements (see below), all events will be also available on the other platforms. But with WorkAdventure it is more fun.

Hardware requirements: We recommend using Workadventure on a device with a keyboard. It is also possible to use it with touch devices, but the experience is far from good. It is supported by most browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), but we recommend using Google Chrome or Chromium to have the most stable experience.

For more information click here.

For the Working Group Sessions, we will use Cisco Webex Meetings. Click here to get more info.


We are offering a diverse program with Keynote Lectures, Panel Discussions, Working Groups and much more. For more detailed information click here.

We have prepared a timetable for you, so that you will not miss anything, just click here.

There will be a livestream of different events. You will find the live streams on the landing page of https://2021.iswi.org/.

Since the conference is online there won’t be any costs for you.