Panel Discussion

Friday 4th June, 5pm - 6pm​

The future of Urban Mobility

As economies have become more globalized and new communication infrastructure allows international networking and travel at low cost, human mobility, climate change and the environment are definitely interrelated. Due to the current unsustainable situation, transport must contribute to achieving carbon reduction targets. How can we make mobility more sustainable? Can we improve the standard of living while doing so?

Monday 31st May, 7pm - 9pm

Sustainable Energy

Fossil Fuels are currently the world’s primary energy source while being responsible for the rise of CO2 emissions and large amounts of local air pollution. Renewable Energy plays a key role in the decarbonization of our energy systems, but not all renewable energy is also sustainable.
During this panel discussion we will talk about the transition towards sustainable energy while touching on topics like energy transport, storage and social implications.

Sunday 30th May, 7pm - 9pm

Global Politics & Activism

Global warming also influences politics. As the climate change became more serious and more obvious, more and more people decided to take comprehensive action on climate change. During this lecture you will be presented different forms of political engagement in order to bring about change and make our future more sustainable!