Workshop Session

Wednesday 2nd June, 2pm – 3pm

In our hands on workshops, we give you the possibility to learn to shape the future on your own. Be it in creating podcasts or mindful writing.

Podcast Creation

Speaker: Adrian SalingOrganization: HSF You have always wanted to create your own podcast? Then this is the right workshop for you. You will learn how to create your very own podcast, from the idea to the publication. How do you structure a podcast correctly, what possibilities are there for recording a podcast with few resources and how can you post-process the recording? These and more questions will be answered in the workshop so that your podcast can go on air soon. In the workshop, you will also be told about practical experiences and there will be enough time afterward to discuss and ask your questions.

Click here to see the presentation for Podcast Creation

Mindful Writing

Speaker: Yuliia DanyliukOrganization: We4You Through simple writing exercises, we will try to free our head from daily problems and dive into own creative inner world. We will together learn how to write a short poem. Remember, that everyone can create and everyone is a genius in her/his own manner. You will boost creativity, storytelling skills, mindful awareness, emotional intelligence. You need for the session: a piece of paper and a pen. Together we will talk, reflect, share our insights and enjoy the process.

Click here to see the presentation for Mindful Writing

Societal Transformation Scenarios

Speaker: Kai KuhnhennOrganization: Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie We will explore the mitigation benefits of envisioning a deeper transformation of our economies and societies, one that goes challenges not only the notion of perpetual global economic growth but also its compatibility with ambitious climate goals. It shows how beyond technological change by presenting the „Societal Transformation Scenario“. The scenario is a new global mitigation scenario, which through a reduction of production and consumption in the Global North, we can stay below 1.5°C without resorting to high-risk technologies while avoiding temperature overshoot.

Click here to see the presentation for Societal Transformation Scenarios

Sustainability in Fashion Advertising

Speaker: Bruna MoraisOrganization: TU Ilmenau Alumni Like other major industries, the fashion world has had to adapt to global demands for measures that preserve the environment and respect human rights in order to achieve sustainable development. Looking at current cases of brands and NGOs in the sector, as well as trends regarding the use of plastic, circular economy and supply chain, at this workshop, we will focus on how communication is used to promote good initiatives and denounce bad practices in a hyperconnected world.

Click here to see the presentation for Sustainability in Fashion Advertising

Organizing student conference

Speaker: Stefania SantimbreanOrganization: ISWinT

This workshop will open you the world of student conferences around the globe. We will present Students Organising Conventions Everywhere (SOrCE), the conferences which are part of the network, and what it takes to organize such a conference in your country.

Click here to see the presentation for Organizing student conference

Different dimensions of filmmaking

Speaker: Tamara KollmederOrganization: Dancing in the Shadow Music Series In this workshop, we want to take you into a world of different dimensions, philosophies and techniques of film production. How can you easily shoot great films with your mobile phone camera, what do you get out of a bit of equipment and how does it work in the professional film world? We also give an insight into the current preproduction of our production “Dancing in the Shadow”, the first musical series in Germany. We are an independent film production and student initiative of students of the TU Ilmenau and with professional filmmakers, national and international musicians and artists we produce this year this series here in Ilmenau.

Click here to see the presentation for Different dimensions of filmmaking

#Stayhome Sustainably

Speaker: Katharina PehOrganization: Greenpeace We will take you on a tour of an apartment and show how can each individual participate in saving electricity, resources and energy. We will talk about how to #stayhome but still be able to save the climate.

Click here to see the presentation for #Stayhome Sustainably

How to Dialogue

Speaker: Christiane SeehausenOrganization: Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue We hear the word “dialogue” very often, but what does it really mean? A senior advisor of the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue will introduce you to the dialogue as methodology, which was developed during the center’s long work on conflict transformation and dialogue facilitation. You will understand what is dialogue and how different it is from debates or discussions which people more used to in daily life and academia.

Click here to see the presentation for How to Dialogue


Speaker: Ahmed HamedOrganization: TU Ilmenau Student This workshop will open the world of photojournalism to you. You will learn how to get the right equipment to do professional shots but at the same time how to use the capacities of your smartphone. You will learn tips and tricks from a professional award-winning photographer.

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Preventing next pandemic

Speaker: Kristina RoeselOrganization: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) This seminar will explore the one-health approach towards defeating zoonosis in rural areas on the example of fighting pork tapeworms in rural areas with biomedical and medical equipment by respecting and involving the community. It will cover the opportunities and challenges of a one health approach.

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