One of the most important aims of ISWI is group work. The concepts of conference are divided by different groups, and for each group there are two or three groupleaders. If you are interested just write an e-mail to with the subject “become a groupleader” to start the process.

Who are groupleaders?

Groupleaders have vital roles in this conference. 

  • They plan the schedules for example timing for what will be discussed, preparing the group-work because it is some work- plan practical activities for some groups. 
  • They are open to ideas from participants and plan activities like get-to know games and such like during the group-work.
  • They are moderator, facilitator and mediator of the group.
  • They conduct the final group presentations and make sure that content and outcomes of discussions are summarised for documentation and presentation.
  • They are communicators between organisers and participants and represent ISWI and its values.
  • Regarding the corona situation, they will make sure participants follow hygiene rules and they are somehow a guide for participants. 
  • Most importantly, they are a friend and helper for the participants and support them.

What are the requirements for being a groupleader?

  • The groupleaders should not be a participant in ISWI 2021 and they are expected to be students from Ilmenau and thus be present during the conference in Ilmenau. Also, one important aspect of their job is to help participants with navigating through Ilmenau.
  • As ISWI is an International environment, groupleaders should be open minded with different cultures and ideas. 
  • They also should be organised as they will plan the schedule and be timely flexible with the schedule because participants could have spontaneous ideas.
  • They are need to have time during the week to share tasks with other groupleader and work together but do not need to have time the whole week.
  • They should be willing to be creative, while planning group activities. 
  • They should be comfortable speaking English as the conference language is English.
  • They do not need to be an expert in the field of their group. They are just motivated and interested in the group and remember that they have a neutral position and only interfere when needed.


What are the upcoming events for groupleaders?

  1.   Updated Meeting in January or February regarding the current situation about online or presence ISWI.
  2.   The “groupleaders weekend” in March or April 2021 that groupleaders get prepared for tasks which are:
  •       Workshops for content and skills (e.g. moderation, mediation, etc.)
  •       Teambuilding and socialising 
  •       Learn get-to-know games, energizers, etc.

Important: attendance in “groupleaders weekend” is compulsory, because you will learn important things there.


Why being a groupleader?

  • They get a certificate from us.
  • They can make international friends and learn more about other cultures in this international event. 
  • They will learn and advance skills like project management, leadership, creativity, intercultural competencies and language 
  •   They will for sure have a lot of fun and a memorable week.