As an addition to Discord and Webex, we will use the conference platform Workadventure. This tool will provide all participants with a virtual event venue distributed on several maps. You will be able to explore our virtual venue to watch our live streams, meet other participants and much more. Many Events will be supported by the Workadventure, but because of its restrictions, it won’t be a requirement for any event. Soon you will find here how the events will be implemented into the Workadventure. The tool will be public, so everyone is invited to explore ISWI 2021 in Workadventure.

Hardware requirements: We recommend using Workadventure on a device with a keyboard. It is also possible to use it with touch devices, but the experience is far from good. It is supported by most browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), but we recommend using Google Chrome or Chromium to have the most stable experience.

supported by FEM